Between a Rock and a Soft Place is a body of work I made while an artist in residence during the inaugural Sedona Arts Colony residency program in July 2016.  

Photographs from the work are on view at the Washington Reid Gallery Project Space in Los Angeles CA from Aug - Oct 2016, and the work in its entirety will be on view at Krowswork Gallery in Oakland during Sept - Oct 2016 as a part of the 4th and final show in the residency/exhibition series The Four Fates, Elements: Water.  

I will be working on one multi-day wood-carving and silk installation/performance entitled Opal, from 10-4 fri-sun, Oct 30-2, Oct. 7.  I will also host a dialogue and workshop in the Krowswork space Oct 8th TBD.  

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Opal July / Opal October, Digital photographs, 2016

Memory carving performance and installation, October 2016 at Krowswork Gallery, Oakland CA.

While on residence in Sedona AZ, I found the partial limb of a deer, likely eaten by a mountain lion and dismembered by a coyote, in the AZ desert. I carefully brought the limb back to the studio and considered its temporality, its spirit, and its relation to me and my dog (who found it). After working with the limb for a couple of days, I returned it to the site where I had found it. I performed a ritual of returning the animal to the earth, by laying sticks in the formation of the entire deer body on the ground. I named the deer Opal. Once back at my home studio, I carried the memory of the animal with me and decided to carve a likeness of the limb in wood to carry its spirit across time and space, with me.

Read Opal, Explained, view images from the carving performance below on this same page.

Between A Rock and A Soft Place, 1:57, 3 Monitor Digital video, 2016

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Untitled Score (Mattress, Door, Head, Foam, Rock, Strap), 4:27, dual screen digital video, 2016

This is Water, 23:54, Digital Video, 2016

Animal Animal Animal, 4:57, dual screen digital video, 2016

Untitled Score (Curtain), 7:51, Digital Video, 2016

Krowswork installation select images.