We'll Call It A Boat


Project Grow, Albertina Kerr, Portland OR, Mar-Apr 2017

Project Statement

My intention in this project with Project Grow was to introduce new a method for making sculpture to these already multi-talented artists.   The process I brought to Project Grow involves cutting, glueing and carving insulation foam board into unique sculptural forms.  Though the material arc of the project was formed from the get-go, the conceptual underpinnings seemed to evolve week by week for each artist involved. I was interested in working with the artists to express their creative vision through abstraction and form - rather then in making a "thing from the world."  Nevertheless, the magnetic pull towards making "things from the world," was strong.  The other facilitators and I were intent on working beyond it.  Ultimately, it only seemed fitting to articulate that struggle through the exhibition title, "We'll Call It A Boat," as coined by Almiter (last name?) during one of our final workdays.  

Cara Levine was an Artist in Residence at Project Grow for Jan - Mar 2017

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Indigo Mind

Curated by Arianne Gelardin + Cara Levine

Indigo Mind is an ambitious group exhibition celebrating the work of neurologist Dr. Oliver Sacks. Opening September 26 at StoreFrontLab, the project features artists who explore a range of brain and body phenomena examined in Sacks’ research. These works present the influence Sacks has had on our understanding of the human condition in its limitless variation and form.

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