Dear Pierremulti-media installation, Miami Art 2016

In the early fall of 2016, I was invited to make a new artwork by YoungArts in Miami Fl in conjunction with JP Morgan and Miami Art Week.  JP Morgan had planned to exhibit 15 modern works from their permanent collection in the YoungArts Gallery.  YA invited 4 alums from their national award program to each respond to one of the works.  I chose an unfamiliar piece by the painter Pierre Soulages.  Quickly, in my research, I learned that Souages has been studying the color black for over 60 years.  He is alive, now at 96, and continuing to paint.  

I decided to write him a letter.  What follows is a collection of text and image:  In total I wrote Soulages over 40 letters.  I made an interactive silk work as an attempt to speak to his painting work through the language of my own practice.  After 30 letters, I heard back, and was invited to send him a paper copy - instead, one book of the edition is on its way to Paris. 

Dear Pierre, inkjet print on silk, 42 x 52, 2016

45 letters

Untitled (This is Water), inkjet print on silk, wood frame, 3' x 12' x 18", 2016

Book, edition of 6

Dear Soulages, 9 x 13 x 3/4, fine art book, edition of 6 (please inquire if interested in purchase)

Link to PDF of the letters to Pierre