How Many Times Surrender is a durational participatory performance wherein a designated area is filled with white flags as a continual and shared gesture of surrender.

The first iteration of this work was commissioned by C3 Initiative, Portland, OR, for their project Camp Colton, Sept - Oct 2016 and was made in devotion to Black Lives Matter.  

Below: 2 hour time lapse video in 3:00, photographs documenting the event, real time video documentation 1:4 speed.

The second iteration of this work was completed as a part of the GroundShift Summit in the Catskills of NY in May 2018.

GroundShift is a transformative weekend of civic empowerment, creative experience, and community building. -

The third iteration of this work was completed as a part of Grey Matter the at A Ship In The Woods in San Diego CA, January 2019..

A SHIP IN THE WOODS Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit cultural incubator for art, music, science and innovative ideas supporting the North County community of San Diego and surrounding Southern California Region.