Mother Trigger, Digital Video, 23:21 2015-2016

Mother Trigger, 2015 - 2016

Mother Trigger is a body of work shot in Iceland all dealing with the relationship between the self and the chronic pain from Migraine.  It is composed of multiple video pieces and one sculpture:  Its namesake, Mother Trigger,  and four videos depicting characters embodied by Levine on the Icelandic landscape, The Migraine, The Worker, The Cowboy and The Self.  (below).  

Mother Trigger is a narrative video which tells the autobiographic tale becoming a chronic migraineur and the healing sought from there out.  Each member of my family is represented symbolically by an object: Father Golf, Mother Time, Twin Brother little bird, Older Brother Bell, Grandmother Peacock, and myself, the other little blue bird.  Each character is shown addressing the Migraine, represented by the teal flocked mannequin head.  The Peacock, ultimately, is the only character who understands and is able to topple the migraine. 

The video was shot on location at Jokulsarlon Glacier in Southern Iceland in May 2015. 

An excerpt of this piece will be featured in a show I am excited to be co-curating in the honor of Dr. Oliver Sacks in San Francisco at the Store Front Lab Gallery for the show Indigo Mind, during its final week, Migraine.  The show runs from Sept. 26-Nov. 6th.  2015

The Migraine Levitates While Everyone Else is Asleep, Digital Video, 23:08 2015

The Self is the Swan the Swan is the Self is the Swan, Digital video, 7:09, 2016

The Worker: Where the Action Is, Digital Video, 4:30, 2016

The Song of the Cowboy, Dual screen projection, Digital video, 19:00, 2016

The Rope is the Guts, 100', mixed media objects all found and used in the making of Mother Trigger, 2015