Family Ties,  2 Channel Digital Video 27:43, 2015

Video is a the sculptural material of time.  If I use the material correctly, something will happen over a duration.  I believe that is beginning to happen now.  I have been meditating for 16 years; now something happens.  In this piece, I use a practice of empathy to access both my own story and the story of an unknown entity.  On the left unfolds my own personal biography, beginning in the present and moving in a non-linear fashion to my childhood and back through to present day.  On the right, I find store-window displays with whom I recognize figures from my life: heights I am trying to reach, a pretty girl I cannot get the attention of as the tomboy I always have been, my two brothers, whom I have always been caught in the middle of, and finally a woman, maybe a mother, in darkness and isolation.  This piece begins to draw on personal history but I hope breathes in the universality of love, fear, and empathy. 

To Fjallkonnan: I am Your Pilgrim.  I Bring You Johnny Cash, The Hindu Gods, and All Of Me. With Love, Cara.  4 Channel Digital Video, 28:04, 2015


This story tells the tale of my personal pilgrimage into healing through the landscape of Iceland's West Fjord region after suffering for nearly a year with a chronic health condition. My intended journey, as an artist who works with the developmentally disabled and has an interest in Outsider and Folk Art, was to fulfill my goal of going to see the magical sculptures of Samúel Jónsson in Selardelur. I had seen one picture in a book of "Things Not to Miss in Iceland," upon my arrival 5 weeks earlier, and I felt the pull. Concurrently, I was completing my own work on an artist's residency. Upon completion of the residency, I set out to find Selardelur and travel the West Fjords. What I found was much more profound than a site of folk art. I found myself on a personal journey of healing after a year of intense suffering and pain. I followed my intuition which brought me to an even deeper peace and acceptance of my self than I knew possible. This piece is made with great love and hope.

Surrender (Again): For Ana M and For All of Us

Digital Video, 2:51