This is Not A Gun, 2017

Studio woodcarvings one by one. 

Tenderloin Museum, May 2017, in affiliation with 100 Days of Action, co lead with Amanda Eicher

#thisisnotagun selections from instagram feed

An ongoing project made with urgency.  In December of 2016, I was made aware of this list of objects which have all been mistaken as guns by police officers in civilian shootings, since 2001.  The objects include: wrench, cordless-drill, water-hoze nozzle, flashlight, shower rod, cane, broomstick, hairbrush, sunglasses, bottle of cologne, underwear, tinfoil, bottle of beer, pill bottle, e-cigarette, cell phone, wallet, iPod, Wii remote, toy truck, sandwich, and bible.  I felt I had to see and touch these objects - to give them presence and to call attention to their not-gun-ness.  I have been carving the objects from the list as an act of prayer, respect and remembrance.  As I have worked on this project I have since been made aware of other objects, previously un-included in the list.  They are: skittles, snickers, and a chisel.  

Using these objects as catalyst, I am co-leading conversations about institutional racism and gun violence inflicted by police, along with local artist/activist collaborators in various cities.  The first iteration of this event took place in May 2017, at the Tenderloin Museum as a part of 100 Days of Action.  I worked with social practice artist, Amanda Eicher.  The second event will be at the Santa Fe Art Institute in New Mexico, and with a host of partnerships, the artwork made will be sold to benefit New Mexicans To Prevent Gun Violence.  

I will post the objects as they are completed as well as documentation of our collective events.

Information about these events will be posted on my Upcoming page.

This initial list of not-gun objects is here*. I am working with Harper's Magazine to uncover more about the stories and lives behind these objects. 

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