This is Not A Gun, 2017

An ongoing project made with urgency.  Driven by the artistic actions of resistance in the first 100 days of the 45th president's term, I have begun to carve all of these objects in wood, with a hands' grip leaving its impression.  I do this as an act of prayer, respect and remembrance.  Using these objects as catalyst, I plan to lead conversation about institutional racism and gun violence inflicted by police.  I will post the objects as they are completed.  Information about related events will be posted on my Upcoming page.  This list was found here*.

 *I have inquired about the nature of the crimes committed, the victims themselves, and the sources for this list from Harper's Magazine, my source, but am yet to receive a response.  I plan to add more objects to this list as they are revealed - but pray that this common error be short-lived.  

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24 Objects from Harper's *image by Cara Levine

Wrench, Jan 22 2017 - Feb 26 2017,  wood,  2017