THIS IS NOT A GUN, 2016 - present

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This is Not A Gun, jelutong, scaled to life, 2016 - present

This Is Not A Gun is a 2 part project. 

1. A studio based work described here.

2. A community based work described at, as well as briefly, below.

First came the carvings.  It began In December of 2016, when I saw a list of objects which have all been mistaken as guns by police officers in civilian shootings, since 2001 (Harpers Magazine).  The objects include: wrench, cordless-drill, water-hoze nozzle, flashlight, shower rod, cane, broomstick, hairbrush, sunglasses, bottle of cologne, underwear, tinfoil, bottle of beer, pill bottle, e-cigarette, cell phone, wallet, iPod, Wii remote, toy truck, sandwich, and bible.  I felt I had to see and touch these objects - to give them presence and to call attention to their not-gun-ness.  I began carving the objects from the list as an act of prayer, respect and remembrance.  While I carve I am listening to books, essays and rhetoric about the history of race in the U.S..  While I work to live equitably, I do not presume to know all this history, or the ways in which I participate in it.  I am invested in learning and in repairing where I can. 

The 2nd part of this project comes in the form of workshop.  Using these objects as catalyst, I am co-hosting conversations about institutional racism, gun violence inflicted by police, and holding space for what comes up in the physical space of looking at and touching these objects.  I work alongside with local artist/activist collaborators in various cities.  

March 30 2017This Is Not A Gun with Amanda Eicher at the Tenderloin Museum, in participation with 100 Days of Action.

October 7 2017This Is Not A Gun with Alicia Inez Guzman and Pete Jackson, at the Santa Fe Art Institute.  Sponsored by form & concept gallery, Santa Fe Community College, New Mexico Clay, and with proceeds of the sold artwork benefitting New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence.

December 3 2017, This Is Not A Gun with Jade Thacker and MNDFL Meditation POC leaders Jes Angima and Jen Martinez-Lynch, hosted by Forward Union Fair 2017.

December 16 2017This Is Not A Gun at Women's Center for Creative Work, with Shamell Bell and Anasa Pickens.

April 16th 2018This Is Not A Gun at Sonoma State University Ceramics Department, co-hosted with the SSU BSU.

May 25-27This Is Not A Gun, at GroundShift, Hancock NY, with Kirat Randhawa of MNDFL Meditation.

Information about these events will be posted on my Upcoming page.

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Selected images from Tenderloin Museum and Santa Fe Art Institute