A Tale of Two Cities OPENING Collaboration between UCPLA and Creative Growth!

SATURDAY AUGUST 20, 6-9 pm!  


A Tale of Two Cities   

Last winter, Veronica De Jesus, the Artistic Director at United Cerebral Palsy Los Angeles, UCPLA, invited me to curate a project here.  The following spring, together with the art staff, Veronica De Jesus and Aragna Ker, we used the opportunity to create dialogue between artists from disparate art centers in California.  For this first iteration, 12 artists from Creative Growth Art Center in Oakland CA, where I had recently left after two years as the ceramics instructor, and nearly the complete group of artists at UCPLA, engaged in 4, 3-hour work sessions.  During these sessions they collaborated on drawings depicting their respective cities and interests.  The drawings were faxed back and forth and worked on by both groups simultaneously.  We used Google Chat as a medium for live collaboration and communication. 

The artists were able to make deep connections with one another through both their art practices and live dialogue.  They had friends in common, similar (and dissimilar) interests and were all excited to dive deeper with each coming interaction.  The spontaneity and fluidity of this collaboration contrasted with ways in which many of them ordinarily work, side by side but on their own respective projects.  Overall, I think the artists would agree, the project was a success and they cannot wait to reunite with their new colleague, be it through digital or analog form!