Between A Rock and A Soft Place @Krowswork, Oakland, Sept-Oct 2016

Reception Oct 7th 6-9 pm!  Come!!!


Resident/performance days: Sept 30-Oct 2, Oct 7-8

Talk, Oct 8.

Opal , 2016

Opal, 2016

Show Statement

There is no such thing as being stuck between a rock and a hard place.  Life has a way of responding and, inevitably, something always moves.  It is just like water finding its way – as if that hard place is secretly a soft one, and at a certain threshold, will surrender, and even, miraculously, make space for something new to emerge.  Life wants, unceasingly, to flourish.  

This is creativity in action, in trauma, in life, and in art.  Artist’s drive themselves into a corner, begin to think they are stuck and somehow, miraculously, maybe in a flash of inspiration, discover a portal through the wall or a way to bend they didn’t know was possible.  In so doing, they create more room to take their creative process further.  This creative stream flows like river over a stone – casually and constantly reforming the shape of the stone with every pass.  In my own work, I am always in search of finding the way to slide into this creative stream.

The work on view here at Krowswork is a meditation on the power of the creative practice to emulate water on stone in healing, softening and accepting capacity.  This work is not only a reflection of my own personal story but, hopefully, also serves to draw an understanding of and empathy towards one’s own relationship to pain, burden, power and even death through action, humor, and curious unprejudiced exploration.  


Over the past few years, I have developed a process for myself to interact with both objects and landscape intuitively.  This practice has manifest through video, performance, sculpture and photography.  It is an integration of meditation, movement and art-making, and comes on the heels of the realization that I need to prioritize the unknown. I have found that the more authentically I relate to what I do not know, the more profoundly the work is able to relate to the viewer.  I am eager to share in this discovery that artwork can bring forward.

All the work in the gallery was made in July 2016 in Sedona Arizona while on residence at the inaugural Sedona Arts Colony, co-run by The Sedona Art Center and Verde Valley School.  I am deeply grateful to have had the opportunity to participate.