At A Distance, Shift Space Gallery, Kansas State University, Feb 24 - Mar 11

Happy to announce, a new work made in collaboration with Michael Namkung will be in a show at Shift Space Gallery at Kansas State University.  

Michael and I have been making collaborative video work over the last 6 months.  This work has dealt primarily with ideas of connection, perceptivity and closeness - but always at a distance.  In conceiving this piece, we became interested in locating where the exact middle point between our two locations existed.  Lo and behold, it was under 100 miles from the gallery hosting this exhibition.  Together, Michael and I conceived of this piece, The View from The Middle which enacts meeting exactly in the middle, only through the bodies of two surrogates from the Kansas State Gallery.  The completed work will be on display Feb 24 - Mar 11 2017

Curated by Jesse Allen, Conan Y. Fugit, and A. P. Vague

In conjunction with Alastria Press, Shift Space Gallery is accepting submissions for artwork in any media that can be created at a distance. This exhibition draws from the traditions of mail art, telephone art, and telepresence, and seeks innovative approaches to gallery display. Artists are invited to propose works that utilize long-distance methods of communication such as written instructions, digital/web-based files, teleconferencing performance, or any other method of production from disparate locations. All work will be executed and/or installed by a small team of volunteers based on artist instruction, without the artists present. For this reason, process-based works that focus heavily on endurance and labor are not practical for this project. Alastria Press will produce an exhibition catalog in print that will include artist information and web links in order for viewers to further connect with artists from various parts of the world. All work will be professionally documented and shared online in a permanent web page. Photos and video of the exhibition will be shared with all participating artists.